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Shadow walked along the dark sidewalk. The only light laminating the night came from the moon. It was cold, empty, and quiet; just how he liked it. He just came back from a 'get together' with the Sonic gang. He's been on better terms with Sonic than he has in the past, but still can't take much of him at once. So he left earlier than the rest.

Though he left early, it was still eleven at night. He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued to walk down the street. He got within a block of his house, when he heard noises coming from behind him. He turned, yet saw nothing. He kept walking, but quickly heard the sound again. He turned around, but this time he saw a large robot looming over him. The robot threw his fist at Shadow. It would have slammed him into the pavement, had he don't just out of the way.

Shadow called upon his Chaos spears and hurled them at the robot. They seemed to have little damage. He did a spin dash at the head of the robot. He dented it, but nothing else seemed to happen. Now it was the robots turn to attack; he swung his arm at Shadow's feet, knocking him off balance. Then he launch bladed disks at the black hedgehog.

He jumped up to avoid being cut in half. He dodged the first to disks, but the last one slide the side of his stomach. He let out a grunt of pain as he landed back on the side walk. He looked up and saw the robot charging after him once more. Shadow rolled to the side, still clutching his now bleeding side. The robot landed and swung his arm out, this time, hitting Shadow dead on.

The hedgehog slammed into a building's wall. Then fell to the ground. How hid back was bleeding, and his leg burned with pain. Shadow tried to pushed himself to his feet, but the robots foot slammed down on his back. Than the metal monster extended it's hand, revealing a syringe. It jammed it into Shadow's neck, and pushed out a clear liquid from within.

Shadow fought to get up, but he was too weak and what ever was in the syringe was draining his energy. Soon his eyelids got heavy and his consciousness start to slip away.

"Mission accomplished doctor" The robot said in a metallic voice, "bringing subject back to base."

"Excellent work" A female voice responded on the other end. That's the last Shadow heard before sleep overcame his weakened body.


Once Shadow regained his consciousness, he realized he was in a metal room. A lamp hung above him, but that was the only light present. Not only that, but when he attempted to get up, he found himself strapped down to a metal table by steel restraints. He struggled to free himself, yet he was still weak.

"Don't bother" A voice called from the darkness.

"Who's there?" Shadow growled.

"My, my aren't we a tough guy" A blue, female fox, dressed in a white labcoat, emerged from the darkness. Suddenly more lights turned on. The room around him was relatively small. There was the flat bed that he was tied to, as well as two large chemical vats on the rightmost wall. Tubes attached to the top of the containers and up the ceiling. They ran along the ceiling and met up with a large, rather strange looking machine. It had nine long mechanical arms protruding from it. At the end of each arm were three inch long needles.

"What do you want?!" Shadow growled. The blue fox laughed, as if she was a little girl.

"Oh don't worry" She said, "You don't have to do a thing. All you have to do is stay there and look pretty!" Shadow growled in aggravation, yet the blue fox ignored him. She walked over to a computer and typed in a series of codes. She then walked over to the chemical containers and checked their status levels. She walked back to the computer then looked to Shadow.

"This is going to hurt for a bit" She warned. Shadow growled and she smiled. She typed in a series of codes and sequences. The machine above Shadow began to lower. It lowerd about a foot, then stopped and began to extend its arms. The needles at each end extended larger, and got closer to the restrained hedgehog. They got within centimeters of Shadow's skin before stopping. A needle hovered above each of his legs and arms. Two were just abouve her waist, and one at the top of his chest.

Shadow heart began to race; having no idea whether the chemicals would kill him or not. The fox glanced over to Shadow for a moment, before typing in the word 'execute' into her computer. She placed her finger on the enter button, then pressed it down.

Almost immediately the needles pierced Shadow's skin, muscle, and then bone. Cringing out in agony, the chemical vat's contents were slowly injected into his muscles and bone marrow. The pain continued to elevate as the last of the chemicals entered Shadow's body.

After what seemed like an eternity of agonizing torture, the vats were completely empty and the needles retracted. Shadow gasped for air, his body aching all over. The scientist walked over to the exhausted hedgehog. She pressed a button underneath the table, unlocking his restrains.

"Now, that wasn't so bad" She said with a smile. Shadow bared his teeth, then struck out at the scientist, knocking her into a wall. Shadow jumped to him feet, and then attacked the wall with a chaos spear. A large hole broke through the steel as if it were tissue paper.

Shadow ran out the hole, just as guards stormed in the room.

"Let him go" The scientist commanded as she stood up, "He can't hide from me anymore" Her mouth twisted into an evil grin.

Shadow ran through the dark city, faster than he even had. He ran and ran and refused to stop till he got back to his house. He eventually came upon the street on which he lived. He rammed through his door, not bothering to unlock it. He slammed it shut and slid to the floor.

Then, the past evens caught up with him, as he suddenly felt drained. He dizzily stood to his feet, suddenly feeling tired and hot. He stumbled his way to the bathroom where he turned on the sink. He splashed ice cold water in his face in an attempt to cool of. But he still felt hot and clammy.

He looked in the mirror, clutching the sides of the sink.

"What…did…!" Shadow breathed. Suddenly immense pain over took his body. He fell to him knees, crying out in agony. He felt as if his entire skeleton was shifting and changing.

His nails started to grow out into sharp claws, as well as talons on his feet. His teeth grew to sharp daggers and his muzzled extended. Horns grew from atop his head, and his ears extended. His tail grew longer and his fur began to fall out, replaced by leathery scales. Wings broke through his skin and continued to grow bigger. His entire body structure grew larger and grander. His skeleton shifted and grew to large proportions.

He continued to cry out, but his cries of pain turned into a fierce roar. He grew so large, that he broke through the ceiling. As the transformation finished, Shadow threw his head up to the sky, and let out a ground shaking roar.


Sonic and Tails sat on the couch watching T.V. It was the night after Sonic's party, and they had just finished picking up and were exhausted. They were watching 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' (XD) When a news bulletin came on.

"Attention!" The news anchor announced, "It's just in, that a large monster is destroying downtown Emerald City!" The T.V. changed to a camera view of the scene. A large black creature was reeking havoc through out the city streets. It let out an ear splitting roar, cracking the camera lens. Sonic jumped to his feet.

"We gotta do something Tails!" He exclaimed. Tails got up as well.

"Well let's go then!" Tails agreed. Sonic dashed out in a blue blur, and Tails flew after him.

Sonic and Tails made it downtown within less than five minuets. They stopped right before an explosion. Once the roaring flames calmed down, the heros could see the outline of a large black creature. It spread out its wings and reared on its hind legs. It swung its tail out, crushing a small building. Sonic ran in front of the creature.

"Hey ugly!" He called up, "Why don't you leave this town and go back to the hole you crawled out of!" The creature turned around and looked at the tiny blue hedgehog with it's deep red, fury filled eyes. It growled then lunged at Sonic.

Sonic jumped up, barely dodging the giant's dagger filled mouth. Tails flew up higher to get a better view.

"Oh my God…" He gasped in awe, "A-A dragon?!" From his height, Tails could see the full body of the giant lizard. It was black, with red webbed wings. It has red, spiked, frills that lined down its back, and a white stomach.

"Sonic!" Tails called out. Sonic looked up after dodging a tail swipe.


"It's a dragon!"

"What?" Sonic said jumping over the dragon's claws.

"The creature! It's a dragon!"

"A dragon!?!" Just then the great dragon aimed his head at Sonic, then breathed out scorching hot flames. Sonic jumped to the side, though a part of his fur was singed. He tripped to the ground of surprise. As Sonic began to push himself back to his feet, the dragon slammed him back to the ground with its massive claws.

The dragon held him down between his talons and looked at him with his burning red eyes. Sonic strugged to break free, but it was futile. The dragon moved closer to Sonic, opening its mouth; revealing rows of ivory daggers. Sonic closed his eyes, and waited. But suddenly the dragon was slammed to the side and slid on the ground. Sonic looked up and saw Knuckles standing in the middle of the street.

"Bout time you got here!" Sonic called to his red friend.

"And not a moment too late!" Knuckled called back. The dragon stood back up and looked at the two. He growled and opened his mouth for another fiery blast. But his mouth was slammed shut but a particular white bat, kicking down on the dragon's nose. She then kicked the dragon square in the forehead.

The dragon roared and swiped the bat from his face, as if she was a fly.

"Rouge!" Sonic and Knuckles cried out. They ran over to the white bat and helped her up.

"I'm fine" She insisted, "Don't worry"

"How the heck do we take this thing down tails?!" Sonic called up to his two-tailed comrade.

"The stomach is the weakest area! Aim there!" Sonic turned, seeing the dragon charge at them. Sonic curled into a spin dash, and rolled to the dragon. He slid underneath, then unfolded; Punching the dragon in the stomach.

The dragon, caught off guard, stumbled and tripped over. He slid on its side into a building. It attempted to stand, but Rouge did a flip kick to its jaw. Knuckles picked up a rather large bolder and hurled it at the dragon. At slammed into its chest, causing it to roar in pain. The dragon pushed the rock off of it and stood to its feet. He extended his wings and lifted himself up in a tornado of wind.

"He's escaping!" Knuckles called out. Sonic ran after the dragon on foot, while Knuckles and Tails flew after it.

They chased the dragon past the outskirts of the city, and into the valley hills. Knuckles caught up with it and rammed into its side. The Dragon fell out of the sky in a cry of pain, and slammed into the grass. The group landed aroung the dragon.

The black beast attempted to lift its head, but being so weak and exhausted, it fell back to the earth. The dragon's eyes closed and the team stared at it, not knowing if it was a trick or not. But what happened next surprised them more than it would have waking up. The dragon began to shrink.

Its tails got shorter, and its wings seemed to fuse back to it's body. The claws retracted and his neck grew shorter. The horned grew smaller and smaleer till they were nonexistent and his face morphed into something else. Sonic, Tails, Rouge, and Knuckles looked in awe and amazement.

After no more than a minute, the dragon no longer looked like a dragon, but a hedgehog. Sonic hesitantly moved closer. He looked to the body that lay on the ground and gasped.

"What is it?" Rouge asked. Sonic turned to the group, wide eyed.



Rouge, Tails, and Knuckles stared in disbelief.

"Shadow?!" Rouge gasped. Sonic nodded, "How can that be Shadow?" Sonic shook his head.

"I don't know" He stated, "But how many black and red hedgehogs do you know?"

"But it doesn't make any sense!" Knuckles thought out loud.

"Let's take him back to the workshop" Tail suggested, "I could run some tests to get some answers." The group nodded, and Sonic and Knuckles walked over to Shadow's unconscious body. They carefully lifted him and carried him back to Tail's workshop.
Once they got Shadow back to Tail's place, they lay him down on the medical table. Tails cleaned out his various wounds and wrapped them up. He then put I.V. into his arm to help the pain. He then took a syringe and carefully stuck it in his arm to draw some blood.

As the needle penetrated his skin, Shadow's eyes lazily opened. Then he felt the needle; his eyes shot open and knocked Tails away with his foot. He ripped the I.V. out and jumped to his feet, looking around frantically
"Shadow!" Knuckles exclaimed. He put his hand on Shadow's shoulder. Shadow flinched then swung his arm around, hitting Knuckles right in the face.

"Shadow!!" Sonic jumped at Shadow, knocking him to the ground, "What are you doing?! It's us!" Shadow struggled for a moment, before realizing who it was. He looked to Sonic with a confused and slightly frightened face. He looked around the room, seeing where he was; noticing Knuckles, Tails, and Rouge. Sonic slowly got up, letting Shadow go.

"Where am I?" Shadow asked, as he slowly got up; still breathing a bit irregularly.

"My workshop" Tails said wiping the blood from his lip. Shadow noticed Tails.

"I am sorry for wounding you" Shadow apologized.

"It's ok" Tails insisted, "I realize waking up to a needle being put in your arm isn't the best wake up call."

"What about me!?" Knuckles exclaimed angrily as he stood back up, holding the side of his face.

"Sorry to you too" Shadow said, with a hint of sarcasm.

"So Shadow…" Rouge said, "What happened?"

"What are you talking about?" Shadow asked, clearly confused. The rest looked at each other.

"What do you mean 'what are you talking about'?" Knuckles asked, "What happened back there?!"

"I have no clue what you are talking about!" Shadow insisted.

"You don't remember?" Sonic asked. Shadow shook his head. Sonic looked at him with a weird expression,.

"Well… You attacked us…" Sonic started, "But… You weren't exactly… you." Shadow gave a confused expression. Sonic scratched the back of his head, "You were, um… a… dragon…." Shadow gave Sonic a blank look.

"…A…Dragon?" Shadow stated.

"…Um…Yes?..." Sonic stated.

"Probable…" He stated.

"What!?" Sonic exclaimed, "You're not surprised, confused, or-or anything?!"

"What do you remember Shadow?" Tails asked.

"I was walking home from the party, and I was attacked by this robot" Shadow explained, "It sedated me and took me to a strange lab type place. I was strapped to this table, and this blue fox was there. She injected me with, some kind of chemical. I managed to escape after the fact, but once I got home I felt sick and hot. Then the last thing I remember is unimaginable pain and a loud roar."

"A blue fox you say?" Tails asked, Shadow nodded. "Hold on." Tails walked over to his computer and began to search various files, "Found it!" He exclaimed after five minuets of typing. The rest looked to the screen, where and article and a picture of a female fox were shown.

"That's her!" Shadow exclaimed, seeing the picture.

"Dr. Camilla Palir" Tails stated, "she was working on a government project to create super soldiers. Her department was researching transformations. But she was banned from the project after she was found conducting her own experiments. She was sentenced to prison, but disappeared before her sentence was carried out."  Beeping sound came from the computer.

"The analysis is complete" Tails stated.

"Analysis?" Knuckles asked.

"I managed to get a blood sample from Shadow, before he ripped the needle out" He explained. Tails typed in a few codes and a document came on the screen, "hmmm…" Tails said examining the screen, "This is strange"

"What?" Rouge asked.

"There seems to be foreign DNA in Shadow's blood." Tails stated

"What is it?" asked Shadow.

"It seems to be a mutated DNA, made from various creatures and chemicals." Tails explained further.

"So I'm one of her experiments?!" Shadow growled angrily. He slammed his fist on a table, smashing it in half. The others looked at Shadow with surprise, and a bit of fear. Shadow's eyes began to glow slightly as he breathed heavily.

"Shadow" Rouge said rushing over to him, "You need to calm down!" She warned. Shadow closed his eyes and breathed more slowly. His eyes returned to normal once he opened then again.
"Interesting" Tails observed. The groups looked over to him, "I seems that the new DNA overcomes Shadow's DNA when faced with extreme emotion."

"English please?" Knuckles asked.

"If Shadow gets too angry, sad, or any other extreme emotion, he will transform. His emotions control his transformations" Tails simplified.

"Oh I get it" Sonic said, "He gets really pissed and it's Dragon Shadow!" Sonic laughed.

"That mean you should watch yourself Sonic" Rouge said with a smirk, "You piss him off more than anyone. So if you get him too mad and make him change, you would be endangering the lives of everyone in the city."

Sonic stopped laughing and gulped nervously. Rouge gave him a smile. That's when the T.V. came on.

"The monster seen attacking the city, has been identified as Shadow the Hedgehog…" the announcer spoke. They showed a video of Shadow changing back to normal, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge around him.

"Shit" Shadow sighed.

"…G.U.N. is searching the city for him as we speak…" Just then the door was kicked in and fifteen armed soldier stormed into the room; surrounding Shadow, Sonic, Rouge, Knuckles and Tails.

"Put your hands in the air, or we will open fire!" One of the soldiers stated. Shadow bared his teeth, and let out a growl.

"Subject is hostile" The soldier stated, "Fire at will"

"Wait don't!" Rouge yelled. A soldier fired, hitting Rouge in the wing. She yelled out and fell to the floor.

"Rouge!" Shadow exclaimed. Shadow's eyes began to glow. He fell to his hands and knees. Claws grew from his hands and feet. His tails grew out as his fur shed and scales appeared. His whole body grew larger and grander. The soldiers stared in awe, to petrified to do anything. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Rouge stared as well.

"Damn" Knuckles breathed. Shadow's transformation happened faster than it did before. The soldier looked upon; not a five foot hedgehog, but a fifteen foot black and red dragon. Shadow looked at the soldiers around him. They had fear on all of their faces.  Shadow bore his teeth then let out a roar.

"Open fire!" The soldier yelled. The men shot fired at Shadow. But he curled his neck and tails towards his body, protecting his stomach and neck. He folded his wing over him and Rouge, as the bullets just bounced off of Shadow's skin. They soon stopped, realizing it did nothing. Shadow turned his head to the men, with a malicious grin. He opened his jaws and emitted a burning flame. Those unlucky enough to be in the direct line of fire, screamed in agony as the fire burned their flesh.

Shadow scooped up Rouge in his claws and spread out his wings. He broke through the workshop's ceiling and flew out. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails looked at the gaping hole in the ceiling.

"We have to follow them!" Sonic exclaimed. Tails ran to the X Tornado an revved up the engine.

"We'll follow you in the sky Sonic!" Tails said as Knuckles jumping in. Sonic nodded, and then zoomed off. Tails flew out the hanger door and flew after him.

Shadow flew over the city streets, Rouge in his arms. Rouge looked at the view. They were so high up and the nigh sky looked beautiful. Then she noticed something flying at them fast. Rouge squinted to see what it was, then went wide eyed.

"Shadow look out!" She exclaimed. Shadow looked up and saw a missile screaming right at them. He held Rouge tighter, and then barreled to the side. The missile flew by. Another scream was heard next to them. Shadow looked to the side, just in time to see another missile blow up at his side.

Shadow roared in pain as he fell out of the sky. Rouge slipped from his grasp and fell.

"Shadow!" She yelled. He looked, seeing her fall. He dove at her, and reached for her. He pulled her to his stomach and folded his wings over her to protect her.

Shadow slammed into the concrete on his back. He skidded along the street, tearing it up. Rouge closed her eyes in fear, until she felt them stop. She opend her eyes and saw shadow laying on his back, blood all over his wings and side. She pulled herself up.

"Shadow!" She exclaimed. She ran over to his head, "Shadow!" She yelled again. Just then, Sonic arrived. Followed by Tails and Knuckles in the X Tornado. They landed and ran up to Rouge. They looked from Shadow to Rouge, the Shadow. They noticed an army of G.U.N. soldier closing in on Shadow.

"Back away from the dragon!" The general called out. Soldier walked to the group guns drawn. Shadows eyes shot open. And, upon seeing the army around him and his friends, got to his feet and roared; so loud that people with in a five mile radius had to cover their ears. Shadow swiped his claw across the ground, knocking any nearby soldiers feet away. The others aimed their weapons.

"No don't shot!" Tails yelled, "It will just make it worse!" He was ignored, and the troops open fired. Shadow swung his spiked tails and cut through an entire section of soldiers. As more bullets hit and cut him, he grew angrier. And with the greater anger, cam greater fury.

Shadow charged at another groups of soldiers and tore through them with his razor sharp teeth as if they were paper. Limbs and blood flew as Shadow blindly killed more men. Sonic, Tails, Rouge, and Knuckles ran up to the general.

"General! You have to order your men to cease fire!" Rails advised.

"The more you shot at him the angrier he gets!" Sonic added, "And that just mean more dead soldiers!"

"I am in charge here!" The general bellowed, "these are my me to control."

"Please!" Knuckles pleaded, "You don't want anymore dead than already are!"

"Let us at least try!" Rouge pleaded. The general looked to the massacre of his men, then back to the Mobians.

"You have five minuets" He stated. The group nodded than ran to Shadow. They stopped within ten feet of him, as he chomped on another soldier.

"How do we calm THAT down!?" Sonic asked.

"I don't know" Tails admitted, "He is so enraged, that he might attack us if we get too close"

"What is we-" Sonic stopped and looked around, "Where is Rouge?" He asked. Tails and Knuckles looked around.

"No!" Tails yelled, "She's running to Shadow!" Sonic and Knuckles looked to where Tails was pointing and saw Rouge running up to Shadow.

"Rouge no!" Knuckles called. But Rouge kept running. She ran in front of the black dragon.

"Shadow!" She called. The dragon turned and faced Rouge. He bore his teeth, dripping with blood. Rouge was afraid, but didn't move. Shadow dropped his face down, so they were looking eye to eye. Rouge shook slightly, but spoke.

"Shadow these men are going to keep shooting if you continue to attack them!" She explained, "You need to calm down. I'm safe, we're all safe now. There is no need to attack them anymore"

Shadow hid his teeth, and looked to Rouge intently. "I know the real Shadow is in there." Rouge continued, placing her hand on his nose, "And he is strong enough to fight this and regain his control."

Shadow looked at Rouge with apologetic, crimson eyes. Then he pulled his head back and growled in pain. Rouge gasped and Shadow squirmed and writhed in pain. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles looked in confusion. Shadow roared out again in pain and a rocket exploded into his back.

"No!" Rouge exclaimed, "No! No! NO! I almost had him!" Sonic ran over to the general.

"What are you doing?!" Sonic yelled ion anger.

"Your five minutes was up" he stated.

"We almost had him back to normal! And what do you do?! Launch a MISSLE at him!!"

Shadow extended his wings and roared. He emitted a melting flame as he roared. He caught the wind beneath his wings and lifted himself up, and flew out of sight. Rouge stared as Shadow's silhouette got smaller and smaller. She then angrily turned to the general and stomped over to him.

"You idiot!" She yelled, "I almost had him back to normal, and you attack him!! And now he's flown off to God knows where!" Rouge put his face in the general's, "I have a right mind to shoot your balls off!" The general gave Rouge a look, and scooted back a foot. Rouge growled, but Sonic pulled her back.

"Rouge" Sonic spoke, "Beating the shit out of him won't bring Shadow back" Rouge dropped her fist, "We'll wait a half hour for him to calm down, then go look for him." Rouge looked to Sonic.

Meanwhile, Shadow was flying high above the clouds, out to the edge of the city. He landed on a random, tall, building roof and sat. He cleaned out his wounds (yes he used his tongue :P), and licked his red teeth clean. He then sat there and breathed more slowly, as his adrenaline began to fade. He then became himself once more.

"What…happened…?" He asked himself, "There was G.U.N. and…Rouge…she…was shot. But now she is safe… because of me… And… the soldiers…I… killed them…" He said as his memory returned.

"And now you are mine!" A voice spoke behind him. Shadow froze. He slowly turned his head and saw the blue fox, Camilla, standing no more then three feet behind him. He stood up but felt a sharp pain in his side. He looked down and saw a large syringe in his side. He looked up to Camilla. Her laughing figure slowly fading away to blackness.


Rouge, Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails searched for hours trying to find Shadow, but couldn't find him anywhere. After five hours of straight searching they decided to rest as Tail's workshop.

"Where could he be?!" Rouge exclaimed falling back in a chair.

"How can a fifteen foot black and red dragon just disappear?!" Sonic asked flopping down on the couch.

"Maybe he is trying to hide from us" Knuckles suggested.

"Why us? It's G.U.N. that's after him" Sonic said.

"And you think that he would stay with us to hide" Tails mentioned.

"Whatever the reason is… He isn't here, or anywhere in the city for that matter." Rouge let out an exasperated sigh and put her head in her hands.

"Don't worry Rouge, we'll find him; one way or another" Tails comforted.

"But we have been searching all night" Knuckles said.

"Yeah" Sonic agreed, "We should get some rest, and search again in the-" Sonic was interrupted by a loud roar, then a slam on the roof.

"… I think I found Shadow…" Tails said with a little surprise. Sure enough, a large black dragon stuck it's head through the hole in Tails' roof. It glared at Sonic, Rouge, Tails, and Knuckles in silence.

"Shadow?" Rouge questioned. Shadow answered with an ear piercing roar. The rest covered their ears, feeling as if they were going to faint. Shadow leapt through the hole and stared at them, growling.

"Shadow?! What are you doing?" Sonic yelled. Shadow took one step forward and growled for fiercely.

"Shadow! What's going on?!" Knuckled said.

"He won't listen to you anymore." A voice emitted from no where. Shadow stopped growling and bowed his head, revealing a certain blue fox on his back.

"Camilla!" Tails exclaimed. Camilla gave a smirk.

"What did you do to Shadow?!" Rouge shouted angrily.

"Oh nothing" She said in a straight tone, "I just gave him a pretty necklace to wear" Rouge looked and saw a large, steel collar around Shadow's neck.

"Wanna see what is does?" Camilla asked in a sinister voice. She grabbed an oval pendent around her neck, and pressed a side button. A 'beep' sound was heard on the collar. It lit up red, then sent a lock shock through Shadow's body. Shadow roared out in pain and collapsed to the floor.

"I love doing that~!" Camilla said, laughing like a little school girl.

"Stop! You're hurting him!" Rouge cried out. Camilla put her hand to her chin, as if thinking.

"hmmm…… ok then!" She released the button and the electrocution stopped. Shadow stood back up, shakily, then stood as he did before "Let's do this instead…" Camilla pushed another button and the collar lit up yellow.

"Shadow, attack!" She commanded. Without hesitation, Shadow lunged at Sonic, who was the closest. Sonic rolled to the side, causing shadow to bite the desk in half instead of Sonic. Shadow curved his snake-like neck around and snapped at him again. Sonic jumped up and kicked down on Shadow's massive jaws.

"Guys!" Sonic called out, grabbing onto Shadow's nose horn, "A little help please?!" Sonic held onto Shadow's nose for dear life as Shadow threw his head around, trying to throw him off. Knuckles ran up and punched Shadow right in his side. He slid and crashed into the opposite wall, making another hole.

"Guys…" Tails slapped his forehead, "Could we try to not completely destroy my lab?" Shadow stood up and swooped his tail at Knuckles, casing him to fly into Tails' computer.

"Guess not…" Tails sighed. Shadow turned to Tails as he spoke. Tails went wide eyed and looked up at Shadow's body looming over him. Tails shook with fear as Shadow pulled his head back and opened up his jaws. He lunged his head at Tails, who was too scared to move. The terrified fox shut his eyes and waited for the deathly blow. An outcry was heard, but not from Tails. He opened his eyes and saw Sonic lying on the ground, blood poured from his side.

"Sonic!" Tails cried out.

"Buddy, you ok?" Sonic asked.

"I'm fine what about you"

"Just a cut" Sonic said with a cocky smile.

"Sonic, you have a gash in your side!" Sonic fell to his knees.

"I'm fine…really…" He insisted, "…I'm just…a bit tired…that's all" Tails grabbed Sonic right before he collapsed.

"Good job Shadow!" Camilla praised. Rouge couldn't take it any more. She boiled up with anger, until she finally exploded. Rouge flew up and swooped down at Camilla.

"Hey bitch!" Rouge yelled. Camilla turned to receive a heel in her face, knocking her off of Shadow's back. She fell to the floor, Rouge landing right next to her.

"That was for making Shadow hurt Sonic!" Rouge pulled her fist back, "And this is for hurting my Shady!" Rouge punched Camilla as hard as she could in the face, causing her to fly backwards.

"You'll pay for that!" Camilla growled. She pressed a button on her necklace, "Shadow! Dispose of the bat!" She commanded. Shadow turned to Rouge, baring his teeth and made his way towards her. She turned and attempted to fly away, but Shadow slammed his claw down, trapping Rouge underneath. She struggled to get free, but it was futile. Shadow slowly moved his head to the helpless white bat, revealing his ivory daggers.

"Shadow please" Rouge pleaded, "You must stop! This isn't you. The real Shadow wouldn't hurt his friends". Shadow stopped and closed his mouth. The sound of Rouge's voice seeming to get to him.

"You need to calm down" She continued, "You've hurt Sonic and Knuckles badly" Shadow looked over to where Tails was trying to tend to the fallen heroes, then looked back to Rouge, "You're not like this Shadow, it's Camilla that's doing this, not you". Shadow's once fury filled crimson eyes, were now full of sorrow and regret.

"I know the real Shadow is in there somewhere! And…if he can hear me… I want to tell him that… I love you Shadow!" Shadow's eyes went wide. He looked at Rouge with a blank stare. He slowly moved his head closer to Rouge. She shut her eyes, not knowing what he was going to do. She waited, and then felt a weight on her cheek. She opened her eyes and saw Shadow softly nuzzling her face. Rouge smiled.

"No! No! NO!" Camilla cried, "You traitorous lizard! You will pay for your disobedience!" Camilla pulled out a small pistol from her pocket and aimed for Rouge. Shadow's eyed widened as she shot. The whole world seemed to move in slow motion. Shadow dashed forward in front of Rouge, roaring as multiple bullets shot into his side. Once the last round was fired, Camilla dropped the gun. Shadow turned and looked to her.

"Fine! If you are willing to die to protect that whore, I help you with that!" Camilla pulled off her necklace and pushed the center button. The collar beeped. Shadow looked down to the glowing collar, then back to Rouge with pain filled eyes.

He roared and cried in pain as thousands of volts went through his body. He fell to the ground, writing in pain. Tears welled up in Rouge's aqua eyes.

"Shadow, no!" She cried. She looked to Camilla, then the necklace she was holding. Rouge growled and jumped at Camilla. Rouge punched her viciously, trying to pry the necklace from her hands. But the blue fox put up a fight, attacking Rouge as well.

Tails noticed Rouge and rushed over to help. Tails flew up and drop kicked Camilla right in the stomach, causing her to drop her pendant to the floor. Rouge rushed over and stomped on it with her heel. It sparked and lost its glow. Shadow's color began to dim, then it fell off completely; the electronic lock disarmed.

Shadow pushed himself to his feet. He immediately turned his attention to Camilla. He growled ever so fiercely and bared his dagger-like teeth. She grew wide eyed and attempted to push herself back. Shadow dashed over in front of the fox and swooped his tail around her, blocking her escape.

"Shadow" She trembled, "I didn't mean for you to hurt any one…honest" She shook as she spoke, letting out a fake, terrified laugh. Shadow's crimson eyes bore through her with pure rage. She frantically looked around, seeing no escape.

She dug her hand in her pocket and pulled out a syringe. Shadow pulled his head back slightly is surprise. A devilish smile spread across the blue fox's muzzle. She then proceeded to impale the needle into Shadow's leg. Shadow roared, recoiling back a bit; just enough for Camilla to escape through. Rouge and the others were too busy running to Shadow to notice her escape. Rouge flew over and yanked the needle from Shadow's skin. He started coughing violently, throwing up blood as he did.

"Shadow? Shadow!" cried Rouge. She turned to Tails, "Tails what's wrong with him?!" Tails picked up the syringe that Rouge threw on the ground. He examined what was left of it.

"Seems to be a sort of poison" He stated. Rouge turned her attention back to Shadow.

"Poison?!" Shadow was now lying on his side. He obviously had trouble keeping his head up. His eyelids grew heavy as the weight of his head forced him to fall completely to the ground. He slowly became himself again. Rouge fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around Shadow, tears pouring down her face.

"Will he…Is he going to …die?" Rouge cried to Tails. The fox's ears drooped in sorrow.

"I don't know…" He admitted, "It seems quite powerful. But he didn't take the full dose" Tails thought, "Maybe it won't do as much damage as it was meant." Rouge looked to Shadow. He was pale, blood dripping from the bullet wounds in his side.

"I might be able to make an antidote with what's left of the poison" Tails said, looking at the syringe once more. Rouge's ears perked up.

"Really?!" She said, hope seeping onto her voice.

"Yes, I'll need some time though" Rouge nodded as Tails turned and rummaged through where his table used to be for supplies. She lay Shadow out on the ground and sat next to him.

For over an hour, Rouge sat next to Shadow, not moving, as Tails worked on an antidote. By this time, Knuckles was once again conscious and Sonic had stopped his bleeding. Rouge stroked the side of Shadow's face as she waited. He felt cold, and often coughed violently, more blood coming up.

"Come on Shadow…" Rouge whispered, "Hang in there a little while longer…"

"Rouge!" Tails exclaimed running over to the bat, "It's ready!" Tails skid to a stop in front of Shadow. He knelt down and pulled out the needle full of the antidote. Tails looked to Rouge, then back to Shadow. He slowly put the syringe in his arm, and injected the fluid. His pulled it out  then sent in on the floor. Rouge looked to Shadow with hopeful eyes.

"We won't know if it worked until tomorrow Rouge…" Tails said, a bit of quilt in his voice, making Rouge have to wait. Rouge looked to Shadow with a blank face, then Tails with understanding eyes. Knuckles walked over to Rouge and put his hand on her shoulder.

"He'll be fine Rouge" He assured, "He's strong…" Rouge looked up to Knuckles and smiled a half hoped smile. Knuckles smiled back, then knelt next to Shadow. He carefully picked him up, and then carried him to the guest room. He lay him down on the bed and covered him up. He gave Rouge one last small smile before leaving the room.

The white bat pulled a chair from the corner of the room, to the edge of the bed. She sat down, looking to the ebony hedgehog. She set her hand on his and looked at his pale face with her sadden aqua eyes. And that is where she fell asleep.


The next morning, around 5:00am, everyone was still asleep. Tails in his room, Sonic on one couch, Knuckles on the other, Shadow in the guest room, and Rouge in the chair next to Shadow. Then a pair of eyes shot open. Crimson eyes shifted around the room he lay in. He shot up, but let out a cry of pain and fell back down on the bed.

His cry awoke the bat that slept near him. She fluttered her eyes open and rubbed them awake. When she looked in front of her a smile spread across her face.

"Shadow?!" She cried out in happiness, "You're alive!"

"What…happened?" He groaned.

"Camilla" Rouge answered, "She used some type of color to control you" Shadow sat up, slowly this time.

"Then why is my side bandaged up?"

"After you got back your own control, Shot tried to shoot me, but you ran between me and the bullets. And when you tried to go after Camilla, she injected a poison in you"

"I see…"

"You don't remember any of this?" Rouge asked.

"Not completely, just bits and pieces… I remember being attacked on the roof, then nearly…eating tails…" Shadow said with some guilt in his voice, "And I remember… you… and… you said something to me, that I remember made me feel… happy…" Shadow looked over to Rouge, complete seriousness in his eyes. Rouge blushed deeply.

"You said… 'I love you'…" Shadow said as the memory came back. Rouge's cheeks turned deep red, "Did… did u mean that?" He asked.

"Um-I… I-yes!" Rouge suddenly blurted out. Rouge turned her head slightly and closed her eyes, as if embarrassed or ashamed of what she just said. Then she felt something on her cheek. She opened her eyes and saw Shadow's hand. He turned Rouge's face so her eyes were looking straight into his crimson ones. They seemed soft, and loving.

"I love you too Rouge" Shadow whispered. Before she could answer, Shadow connected his lips with hers. Rouge was surprised at first, but then closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling.

She felt her body heat up, and the rest of the world melted away. All of their fenced up feelings were poured in the kiss they shared. They pulled away out of breath, and looked into each other's eyes.

"I've loved you for a long time Rouge" Shadow spoke in a calm tone, "But I never knew how to tell you" Rouge smiled and threw her arms around Shadow.

"I was afraid that you didn't feel the same way about me as I did you!" Rouge said, hugging the ebony hedgehog.

"Rouge, there's break-" Tails opened up the door, but stopped. Rouge and Shadow pulled away and looked at the slightly surprised kitsune.

"Um, I'll bring breakfast in here for you two" Tails said giving a smile. He promptly left and Shadow and Rouge looked to each other. Rouge let out a giggle, but the ebony hedgehog looked to her, then the ground. Rouge noticed.

"What's wrong Shadow?" Rouge asked, a bit worried.

"…I have to go after her…"  Shadow said, a bit guilty.

"No!" Rouge pleaded, "You can't! She'll kill you!"

"What's to say that she won't come to us to try and kill me or you, or any of us?" Rouge bent her ears down. There was truth in his words, but none the less Rouge didn't want him to go.

"Shadow I-I don't want to risk losing you" A single tear rolled down Rouge's cheek. Shadow put his hand up and wiped it away.

"Neither do I, that is why I must find her… and stop her" Rouge looked to Shadow with watery aqua eyes, "I will come back…" Shadow pulled Rouge in for another kiss, "…I promise you that." A mile smile crept across Rouge's face.

Tails later brought in the two breakfast. Once they finished, Shadow and Rouge went to the others to tell them what was going on.

"You're crazy!" Knuckles blurted out.

"Ya shadow, that chick nearly killed you, and now you are going to purposely try and find her?!" Sonic said.

"I must" Shadow said flatly.

"We'll let us come with you" Tails mentioned.

"No" Shadow answered quickly, "I have caused you all too much trouble already, this is a matter I must take care of myself…"

"When are you leaving?" Sonic asked.

"Within the night" The ebony hedgehog answered.

"Shadow?" Rouge exclaimed. The crimson streaked male looked to her, "You just woke up from a near death poisoning, and now you're just going to get up and fight this psycho bitch?!"

"Rouge…" Shadow looked into Rouge's eyes, his crimson orbs saying everything he needed to without words. Rouge's ears dropped slightly. Shadow pulled Rouge into a comforting hug.

"I promise you, I will come back Rouge" He whispered in her ear.

"I love you…" Rouge whispered.

"As do I Rouge" The ebony hedgehog replied. And with that he zoomed out the door, leaving his love with a tear rolling down her cheek.


Shadow dashed around the city, searching for Camilla Fox. Because of the dragon in him, he gain enhanced sight and smell; and he already had her scent.

The crimson striped hedgehog glided down the streets following the trail his nose kept him on. It eventually led him to a large metal building. He quickly ran around the perimeter and found no one.

"Too quiet" Shadow said to himself. He climbed up the building and onto the roof. There was a large skylight. He pushed open one of the panels and slipped inside. He landed in the center. He glanced around. The room was nearly completely empty and only a few lights laminated the room.

"This is too easy…" Shadow mused, "I don't like it…" Shadow slowly stood up and took a step forward. That's when the room suddenly lit up red and an alarm sounded.

"…Shit…" Shadow sighed. The door in front of him slammed shut behind steel shutters.

"I knew you would come back" A familiar voice rang into the darkness. Shadow let out a growl.

"Oh I'm so scared!" The fox still stood in the shadow's out of the hedgehog's view, "I see you lived through the poison…" Shadow kept looking around for the source of the voice, it seemed to come from everywhere.

"Show yourself!" Shadow growled.

"Hm… After this!" a click was heard, then the scream of something flying through the air. Shadow felt something impale his back; he fell to his knees.

"damn! Not again…" Shadow breathed. He felt his blood rushing, his heart rate increased. Strength seemed to flow though his body.

"Like it?" The blue fox asked, finally stepping from the darkness, "Pure adrenaline… With that, you will have almost no choice but to transform. Then you will be too berserk to fight me, and you'll just go destroy the city. That way G.U.N. will take care of you" Shadow could fell his bones shift slightly and his heart rate grow faster.

"No!" Shadow breathed slowly, in an attempt to calm himself down. Camilla laughed at his attempts and walked over next to him. She pulled back her foot, and threw it into Shadow's stomach.

"Gah!" Shadow grunted.

"Transform already!" Camilla said, as if she was a small child waiting for Christmas. She kicked him again. Shadow could feel fury rising in him. His teeth began to grow. Shadow closed his eyes and tried to breath calmly. A malicious smile formed across the blue fox's muzzle. She pulled her foot back one more time. Shadow was on the verge of losing control. But then a yelp was heard from the crazed scientist.

"Leave him alone!" a female voice called out. Shadow looked up and saw a pair of familiar white boots.

"Rouge?!" Shadow said with surprise.

"Shadow!" Rouge cried out, "Are you ok?"

"No, Rouge, you have to get out of here!" Shadow warned.

"I can handle that bitch" Rouge stated.

"No, I don't want to accidentally hurt you!"

"I would listen to him baby" the blur fox said wiping the blood from her lip, "He's pumped full with so much adrenaline, that if he transforms, he'll go insane on anyone he sees." Rouge gasped and turned to Shadow. He was biting his lip, so hard blood began to drip from his fangs.

"Shadow no!" The distressed bat called out.

"And now…" Camilla began to move towards Rouge, "With you here. I have the perfect thing to make him transform…" A sinister smile crept into the blur fox's lips. Rouge grew wide eyed as the scientist pulled back her fist and punched Rouge square in the chest.

"Ahh!" Rouge yelped, getting thrown back. Shadow was shaking violently. Camilla walked over to the white bat. She kickedShadow's eyes shot open, his pupils shrunk. It was the final straw.

His body began to grow. His hands and feet formed talons. His skeletal structure morphed and wings sprouted from his back. His tail and neck grew longer and his body continued to grow. Shadow let out a blood curdling roar that echoed along the metal walls.

The massive black dragon turned to the two girls, staring at them with his crimson eyes. His pupils were so dilated, that it seemed that his whole eye was blood red.

"How beautiful…" Camilla whispered in awe, "Such power, such majesty…" Shadow threw his head back and opened his jaws. Rouge flew out of the way and Shadow poured a bright red flame from his mouth. Camilla just threw her hands up and closed her eyes. Rouge looked at the once blue scientist's charred remains.

"She… She didn't even bother to move…" Rouge shook. The black dragon turned to the ivory bat; growling, teeth bared, drool dripping. Rouge shook with fear, her pupils grew large and she began to sweat. Shadow opened his jaws and shot his head at Rouge. The terrified bat threw herself in the air with a flap of her wings.

Shadow's head slammed into the wall. He roared and snaked his head around. He looked up to the bat and threw up his wings. He shot up and lunged at Rouge. She frantically

Flew around the room. Everything was sealed off and she had no way out.

"I can't fly around forever" She said out of breath. Seconds after she said that, she felt something on her leg. She turned and saw something pink on her leg. She followed it and saw it was Shadow's tongue holding onto her leg. Rouge let out a scream as Shadow pulled her in. Shadow slammed down his jaws, well he would have if Rouge hasn't stiffened up her arms and legs.

She pushed up on Shadow's massive jaws, as he tried to close them. Rouge began to lose her strength and was getting desperate. Rouge looked down Shadow's throat and then slammed her heel as far back as she could. Shadow thrashed about and spat the ivory bat out. Rouge gashed her leg on Shadow's teeth as she fell out, and then hit the metal floor, hard. She looked up and saw Shadow looking down at her. Rouge had complete fear in her eyes.

"…Rouge…?" A voice called put. Rouge looked up.

"Shadow…?" Rouge looked at Shadow, he seemed to be his old self again.

"Rouge what are you-I" Shadow tilted his head down and let out a seemingly painful roar.

"Shadow?!" Rouge called out in concern, as well as confusion. Shadow roared and grabbed his head. Rouge stared at him, not knowing what to do.

"What's going on?!" Shadow turned his head back to Rouge. His eyes shot open, showing that they were once again diluted. He roared fiercely at Rouge, before lunging at her. The white back ran along the room, narrowly avoiding Shadow's jaws.

"Just then" Rouge said to herself, "He was gaining control, then he lost it… He's fighting it!"

It was then that an explosion rang throughout the metal room. Both the ivory bat and the onyx dragon stopped and looked up. That was when a blue hedgehog, a red echidna, and a yellow fox emerged from the smoke through a gaping hole in the roof.

"Hey Rouge!" Sonic called, "Need help?" Shadow let out a loud growl.

"We'll take that as a yes" Tails stated. Shadow looked to the boys, then realized the hole in the ceiling. An evil smile crept across his jaws. Rouge noticed and gasped.

"We can't let him in the city!" The white bat called out, "G.U.N will go after him and kill him!" Knuckles looked to Shadow who had spread out his wings. The echidna charged at the dragon and punched him into a wall. Shadow got up and swung his tail at him. Knuckles flew up behind the black dragon.

"No way you're doing that again!" He called put before slamming his fist into Shadow's side. Shadow slashed his claw at Knuckles, who just barely dodged them. Shadow turned for another attack, but Sonic spin dashed under his chin, sending him backwards.

"We can't keep this up forever!" Sonic called out, "Any ideas?!" Rouge looked to the boys, fighting off Shadow. She thought of what she could do to save theirs, and Shadow's, life; as well as those of many citizens. Then an idea struck her.

"Tails!" The bat called up to the yellow kitsune, "Can u get to the chains along the wall?" Tails looked around, seeing the chains connected to the doors.

"No problem!" Tails flew over and unlocked the chains, using a pick. He collected about four then flew back to the bat.

"I got them Rouge"

"Ok give them to me please" Rouge flew over to Sonic and Knuckles, "Boys!"

"Yea?" Sonic called out, jumping from Shadow's jaws.

"Can u get theses around his legs?" Rouge asked, throwing the chain to Sonic and one to Knuckles.

"Yeah, but these won't hold him long!" The echidna called back.

"All I need is a little while!" The hedgehog and echidna nodded to each other then looked back to the onyx dragon. Knuckles ran over to him.

"Hey Shadow! What's wrong?" He taunted, "Can't hit a little echidna?" Shadow growled and lunged and Knuckles. He jumped to the side, and threw the chain around Shadow's front legs.

Sonic bolted over and wrapped up him back feet. They took the remaining chains and threw them across Shadow's back, and held him down. Shadow thrashed and growled, attempting to break free.

"Rouge!" Sonic called, "Do whatever you're going to do! Quick!" Rouge took a gulp of uncertainty. She then flew down straight for Shadow's head. The boys looked at her in confusion. The white bat landed in Shadow's nose, and grabbed onto his horns. He roared and threw his head around.

Rouge held on for dear life. She put her legs on either side of Shadow's snout, as if it were a saddle. Rouge took a deep breath and looked into Shadow's eyes.

"Shadow!" She called, trying to get his attention. The dragon looked to her, his crazed eyes looked into her aqua ones. Rouge said nothing more, she just looked straight into Shadow's eyes; hers full of hope, yet sorrow. The longer they looked into each other's eyes, the less Shadow thrashed about. Rouge continued to stare into the very crimson eyes she fell in love with.

Shadow stopped moving completely. He stared at Rouge, and she stared back. Sonic, Tails, and knuckles had stopped holding down Shadow at this point. They looked over to Rouge and Shadow; wondering what was going to happen.

Rouge loosened her grip on Shadow, while she continued to look at him.

"……….Rouge?...." Shadow said in a dazed voice. He pupils grew once more, and his eyes turned to normal.

"Shadow!"  She cried happily. The black dragon slowly stood up, but grunted as he did so.

"Damn!" He exclaimed, "why the hell do I hurt all over?!" Shadow looked up, then turned to Sonic with a questionable stare.

"well, ya see Shadz" Sonic said scratching the back of his head, "We…You… Wait! What the hell am I saying? You attacked us, we had to defend ourselves!" Shadow gave a confused look, them looked back to Rouge.

"Camilla?" Shadow asked. Rouge nodded. Shadow let out a growl, "where the fuck is she?! I'll roast her alive!"

"You already did" Rouge stated. Shadow gave a confused stare. Rouge pointed over to a charred section of flooring. Upon looking closer, Shadow saw the remains of the scientist. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails looked over as well and nearly barfed.

Shadow took another moments glance then turned back to Rouge. Upon slowly becoming himself once more, he walked over to his love; giving her a tight embrace.

"Did I harm you?" He asked. Rouge smiled and shook her head. She pulled her ebony hedgehog in for a deep kiss. Shadow was taken by surprise from the moment, but then closed his eyes and enjoyed the touch. Rouge pulled away from Shadow and looked to him.

"Nothing I couldn't handle" She said with a smirk. Shadow gave a smirk of his own, and pulled Rouge in for another kiss.

"Ok are you two going to make out all night?"  Sonic called out, "Or are we going to find a way out of this metal ditch?" Shadow and Rouge looked to each other. Shadow closed his eyes, and sure enough he transformed into a black and crimson dragon.

"I don't know about you" Rouge said flying up and landing on Shadow's back, "But we'll fly" Rouge gave a smile.

"Hey that works!" Tails flew up in the air.

"Hey!!" Knuckles called up.

"What about us?!" Sonic added.

"I can only glide!"

"I can't fly at all!" Shadow rolled his eyes, then dropped his tail down to the two boys. They grabbed on and Shadow flew up.

The groups flew over to Tail's workshop, well what remained of it anyway. Shadow helped pick up the large pieces of ceiling and wall, while the rest cleaned up and helped fix the other things. Once they finished everyone was beat.

"I'll fix the hole in your roof tomorrow Tails" Shadow said and he flopped down on the couch.

"That's fine" Tails remarked, "I'm going to bed…"

"Same here" Sonic added, "I'm tired!"

"Good God how I love my soft bed!" Knuckled said stumbling into his room. Shadow and Rouge looked to each other.

"I am not getting up" Shadow commented, closing his eyes, "way to tired…"

"Ok" Rouge said gliding down next to her lover, "I'll sleep here with you" Rouge smiled and placed her head on Shadow's shoulder. Shadow smiled and wrapped his arm around the white bat.

"I  love you Rouge."

"Me too Shadow" Rouge pulled up and gave the ebony hedgehog a quick peck on the lips, then lay her head in his fluffy white fur.
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